Size Scossa Watertank/Swimming pool Details Watertank
  • Length: 8.30 meter
  • Width: 4.80 meter
  • Depth: 3.00 meter
Underwater camera space aside the pool 
  • Length: 4.80 meter
  • Width: 1.15 meter
  • Height: 3.00 meter
Additional info.
  • A space is located next to the pool which can be used to make underwater shots.
  • The underwater window size 1.48 x 0.74 meter at 0.5 meter from the bottom floor.
  • The watertank is equipped with a complete pool system. It is possible to heat the water. Chloride and carbonates can be added and the water can be filtered.
  • A safety fence is available and can be placed around the pool.
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